Paddle Palace A32W PRO

Paddle Palace A32W PRO
The Paddle Palace A32W Pro Table Tennis Robot has many outstanding advanced robot features, but is offered at a very affordable price! Unlike other robots in this price range, it has two throw wheels controlled by two independent motors. This gives you great control over setting the variety and degree of spins, including topspin, underspin, sidespin and no-spin. It includes an automatic ball recycle and net collection system. It has multiple oscillation options, and has convenient robot controls on the player's side of the table. The A32W Pro is high quality, sturdy, and reliable. It comes ready to play with virtually no assembly required, and it rolls from storage to table for very quick setup/take-down.

The A32W Pro includes:
- Two throw wheels, for multiple spin options
- 120 excellent training balls
- Multiple Oscillation Options
- Very durable, made with high quality materials
- Ball Recycling and Net Collection System
- Rolls easily from table for easy storage
- No-Jam, easy-feed engineering
Manufacturer Paddle Palace
Our price: $795.99
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