Tim Boggan on the 1976 US Open

Love him or hate him, Tim Boggan’s life and career has mirrored the development of Table Tennis as a professional sport – even extending to when we played Ping Pong, instead. Here, he recounts the contentious 1976 US Open, which was picketed by several players:

At the 1976 U.S. Open, I was at the forefront of a group of players who picketed the Philadelphia venue because we all felt the prize money was grossly inadequate. Back then, and for some time after, I was quite outspoken about what I felt or thought. I remember one player passing me as I was on the picket line who hissed, “You’re disgusting.” But our boycott of this tournament was heard. Thanks to Neil Smyth and Bill Hodge the first U.S. Closed was held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, with 10 times the prize money that had been offered at the Open.

While Boggan’s opinions and play were often controversial, his work chronicling the history of the sport is invaluable.

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