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Mixed Doubles – The Ping-Pong Nightclub Trend



No longer confined to personal rec rooms and community centers, ping pong has made it into the posh world of urban nightlife. With Ping pong clubs and bars popping up in hot downtown areas from New York to LA, table tennis is fast becoming a hot new way to enjoy social sportsmanship. With ping pong bars started up by celebrities and some pool halls swapping out their billiard tables for ping pong tables, you’re sure to brush up on your table tennis mixed doubles at a hot new night spot near you.


The most prominent name in American ping pong clubs is Spin. With locations in New York, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles, players from coast to coast can enjoy competitive games while they drink premium cocktails and snack on gourmet food offerings. Co-founded by Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon, these clubs were among the first to popularize trendy table tennis as an option for nightlife. Though critics were initially skeptical as to the potential success of a club devoted to a family friendly sport, Spin has been immensely successful, expanding from its first location in New York to more and more cities. They even have locations in Toronto and Dubai and are regularly featured at special events including the Sundance and Cannes film festivals.

International Clubs

With clubs like SLAM and Chalk in South Florida, Comet Ping Pong in D.C., and Ace Eat Serve in Denver, there are plenty of options for American fans of table tennis. Still, ping pong bars have even more appeal on the international stage. For European fans, there’s Dr. Pong in Berlin, Chmury in Warsaw, and Ping, Bounce, and The Book Club all in London. Of course the best place to find international ping pong clubs is in Asia. The Tasmania Ballroom in Hong Kong, the Yongxing Bowling House in Chengde, and the J.J. Club in Kyoto all offer table tennis fans the chance to socialize, enjoy the nightlife, and brush up on their backspin.

Getting Ping Pong Clubs Started Near You

If you aren’t lucky enough to have existing ping pong bars in your area, it’s easy to get them started near you. Any bar that has billiard tables can easily accommodate ping pong tables. Ask the owners if they would consider switching over to ping pong tables. Let them know the popularity of the sport and consider taking on some of the promotional duties if they’ll dedicate a night or two to table tennis. Then you just have to local ping pong groups know about this new fun nightlife event. In no time you and your doubles partner can enjoy your favorite game with your favorite people in your brand new ping pong bar.