5 Table Tennis Tips to Advance Your Game

Ping Pong Tips

So you’ve mastered the basics of ping pong and are ready to move up to the advanced level. Before you start signing up for the big regional and national tournaments, you should master some of the most common advanced table tennis techniques. With these table tennis tips, you will easily and quickly improve your game and advance through the roster of players in your next competition.

1. Focus on Your Serve

Most games are determined within the first two movements: the serve and the serve return. In order to excel at tablet tennis, you have to have a strong serve every time and know how to respond to one in turn. Watch videos of table tennis serving tips to get an idea for the most common serves. Then, set yourself up with a bucket of balls and start serving against a wall.

2. Pay Attention to the Basics

Even if you can execute some of the more advanced table tennis techniques like looping and spinning, you should still pay attention to the basics. Often, intermediate players will get caught up in the fancy stuff but will neglect the basics. If you let your form slip on forehand serves or lose your grip on backhand returns, your more advanced moves will likewise suffer. Slow down and pay attention the basics to make sure you have a strong foundation before anything else.

3. Master Your Grip

One of the best table tennis tips is to get a grip. While a lot of players think a strong or firm grip in alternating positions will work best for different moves, a more neutral grip can serve you better in nearly every move you make. You won’t need to adjust quite so much and the moves will feel more natural if you grip correctly.

4. Read Your Opponent

You should also learn how to read any opponent you come up against. Everyone will have his or her own unique techniques and ways of responding to what you throw at them. By learning early on to respond to different kinds of people instead of practicing with the same people over and over again, you will better prepare yourself for competitions down the road.

5. Bring in Outside Help

When all else fails, bring in a professional. Coaches are available in nearly every community, and an outside perspective can help you find things you’re missing in your own game. Coaches aren’t terribly expensive, and the benefit they can bring to your game will be more than worth the price. Ask your local rec center for recommended coaches and see if there are any classes you can take to improve your skills.

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