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Paddle Palace A32W PRO
The Paddle Palace A32W Pro Table Tennis Robot has many outstanding advanced robot features, but is offered at a very affordable price! Unlike other robots in this price range, it has two throw wheels controlled by two independent motors. This gives you great control over setting the variety and degree of spins, including topspin, underspin, sidespin and no-spin. It includes an automatic ball recycle and net collection system. It has multiple oscillation options, and has convenient robot controls on the player's side of the table. The A32W Pro is high quality, sturdy, and reliable. It comes ready to play with virtually no assembly required, and it rolls from storage to table for very quick setup/take-down.

The A32W Pro includes:
- Two throw wheels, for multiple spin options
- 120 excellent training balls
- Multiple Oscillation Options
- Very durable, made with high quality materials
- Ball Recycling and Net Collection System
- Rolls easily from table for easy storage
- No-Jam, easy-feed engineering
Paddle Palace
Our price: $795.99
Paddle Palace Robot H2W Touch Pro
The H2W Touch Pro Robot is a very versatile and user-friendly high-tech robot with a touch screen and indicator panel. The new LCD Touch Screen makes operation and programming of all functions of the robot very easy! Get started in seconds using one of the 30 built-in ball sequences with just a few touches on the screen. Making your own custom sequences is also simple, as the Touch Screen walks you step by step through the setup. You can save up to nine of your own favorite custom sequences, and you can easily modify the 30 built-in sequences. Whether you use built-in sequences or your own custom sequences, start-up is easy every time you play.

The new Spin Indicator Panel located just below the shooting head on the robot shows you the spin for each ball before it shoots. This makes playing with the robot more like playing with a human partner, as you can visually anticipate the spins on the upcoming balls.

The H2W Touch Pro Robot has two throw wheels with independently programmed motors, allowing a great variety and degree of spins, including topspin, underspin, sidespin, and no-spin. Plus the robot can seamlessly shoot consecutive shots with different spins. There are 22 possible landing spots on the table including short and long balls, making possible any combination of spins and landing spots you choose. The H2W Touch Pro Robot is designed for the player who wants a high-quality long-lasting robot that is easy to use, yet offers the sophisticated technology for practicing the ideal training patterns to take your game to the next level.

H2W Touch Pro Robot includes:
* Net Collection and Ball Recycling System
*Free 120 Nittaku training balls
*Free Robot Training DVD
*Free Shipping to contiguous USA
*30-day money-back Guarantee
*One year limited Warranty
Paddle Palace
Our price: $1795.99
Paddle Palace Robot S4W Pro
**This item is currently out of stock. Orders submitted will be placed on back order and will ship as soon as the item is back in stock. We will keep our website updated with the back in stock date.**

The Paddle Palace S4W Pro Robot takes robot technology to the next level. Two heads and four throw wheels, and advanced technology, provides outstanding options for practice sequences, and the best human-like robot play.

If you have used other robots on the market, you likely have been frustrated by their limitations. For example, maybe you could not vary the spins during a sequence, such as alternating topspin and underspin. Perhaps you could not designate the spots that you want the ball to land on the table. Maybe you could not set the robot to shoot a short ball and long ball in the same playing sequence. Maybe you wanted the robot to serve a short underspin then finish out the point with topspin drives to specific landing spots, but disappointingly you could not set up the exact training sequence you need. Maybe you wanted the robot to emulate the variety of real spins of a human player, but the robot just was not capable of no-spin or variations of light spin or strong spin shots. Maybe balls got stuck or hesitated in the robot, and you prefer to have smooth, uninterrupted play. Now, with the Paddle Palace S4W Pro Robot, you can have all these features you were missing before, plus more!

On the S4W Pro, you can program a seamless combination of topspin and underspin (or side-spin or no-spin) shots in the same play sequence. The robot can shoot combinations of short and long balls, strong and weak balls, or high and low balls in one sequence. Plus, you choose the landing spots, as well as the speed and throw frequency. The robot can also set up a realistic serve and volley sequence. You can set one head to reproduce a realistic serve that hits the robot side of the table first, just like a human serve. And then the robot completes the sequence with volleys from the 2nd head.

In addition to the player’s ability to set up their own serving sequences, the S4W Pro provides a choice of 30 preset sequences, memory function, a remote control box, a ball counter, and ball catch nets and a recycling system. The robot is easy to set up and comes with a one-year warranty.

The purchas includes:
FREE 120 Nittaku Super Training Balls
FREE Ball Pick-up Net
FREE Robot Training DVD
FREE Shipping to contiguous USA
Paddle Palace
Our price: $1499.99
Prince Advantage - Outdoor
The Prince Advantage Indoor/Outdoor Compreg table features a specially treated high density wood surface that can withstand water. This table comes with a pro deluxe net system with spring loading clamps. It also requires minimal assembly and complies with official ITTF specifications.

Playing Surface: 1/2" Compreg composite, Blue
Frame: 1.5" x 1" aluminum apron, 1" square legs
Wheels: 4" Rubber

Heavy Duty Clip On Net
Official ITTF Size
Minutes to Assemble
Two-Piece Roll Away Construction

Folded Dimensions: 60"x62"x25"
Table weight: 242 lbs
Our price: $774.99
Market price: $899.99 save 14%
Prince Tour-Max - Indoor
The Tour-Max table tennis table provides consistent performance and durability. This folds for storage and into playback mode.

Playing Surface: 1" chipboard, Blue
Frame: 1 1/4" x 2 3/8" apron, 2" square legs
Wheels: 5" (8 total wheels, 4 locking)

Easy Folding Frame
Independent Roller Chassis Design
Comes with Premium Net and Posts with Tension Adjustment

Folded Dimensions: 60"x25"x32"
Table Weight: 288 lbs
Our price: $899.99
Market price: $1099.99 save 18%