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Butterfly 302 Ping Pong Racket FL
The Butterfly 302 shakehand racket is assembled with Butterfly Yuki rubbber on both sides. The Yuki rubber is extremely tacky offering tremendous spin. The hard 2.1mm sponge layer will provide excellent quickness and speed. Comes with a free racket cover.

Speed: 7.25
Spin: 7.5
Control: 8.5
Our price: $19.99
Butterfly Arbalest Ping Pong Racket FL
This racket has a large crossbow used for firing projectiles at the enemy. Highly accurate from medium to long range distances. The Arbalest Racket has replaced the Butterfly Kenji and Butterfly Brian Pace rackets.

Handle Style: Flared
Surface: Inverted
Sponge: 2.0mm Stayer
Speed: 95 Spin: 90 Control: 60
Our price: $43.99
Butterfly Ranseur Ping Pong Racket FL
Long spear generally topped with two or more points. Highly effective weapon whether used for attacking or defending. This racket replaces the Butterfly Kodo and the Butterfly Sweeris.

Handle Style: Flared
Surface: Inverted
Sponge: 1.8mm Morim
Speed: 80 Spin: 70 Control: 80

Our price: $29.99
Butterfly Spatha Ping Pong Racket FL
Popular long sword that enables a greater reach. Used for all types of conflict and capable of producing a fatal blow with a single thrust. This racket replaced the Butterfly Shikata and the Butterfly Seemiller.

Handle Style: Flared
Surface: Inverted
Sponge: 1.8mm Wakaba
Speed: 90 Spin: 80 Control: 70
Our price: $36.99