The Seemiller Grip

One grip you don’t see much of is the Seemiller, invented by five-time National Champion Dan Seemiller.Larry Thoman, of, explains:

 Sometimes this grip is also referred to as the “American” grip or “Windshield Wiper” grip. This was a popular grip in the 70′s and 80′s and was used by both Dan Seemiller and Eric Boggan, who are the only American-born players to break into the world top 20 in the last 30+ years. So it is an acceptable grip.

In the last decade or so, however, this grip has slowly gone out of favor. To the best of my knowledge, there is no one currently on the world ranking list that uses this grip and there are only a few in the top 100 or so in the US.

The Seemiller is great for close-in blocking and heavy-handed returns, but is weak against wide shots to the forehand, underspins aimed wide to the backhand, and is slow to recover from its smashing forehand attack.

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