Pendhold vs. Shakehand: Table Tennis Physics

Victor Popovich compares the kinesthetics and attack angles of Penhold and Shakehand grips at exhaustive length, complete with diagrams and thought experiments:

Because of the 12 degree distortion of the attack angle, the greater a penholder accelerates his arm (racquet) the closer the angle of the attack!
So a penhold player does not need to decrease the attack angle, because this is done automatically when he accelerates his arm with a relaxed wrist. The greater a penholder accelerates his arm, the greater the difference between actual speed of the racquet and the “edge” speed. But there is a compensation “mechanism” that does not allow the ball getting out of the edge. This “mechanism” is the closing of the attack angle of the racquet, during the acceleration.

Popovich is the inventor of a new table tennis paddle, the Popovich paddle, designed to compliment his own preferred grip and style of play.

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