(More) Heroes of Table Tennis, Review


Table Tennis Heroes 2What a week! We hope you enjoyed these classic games from some of the greatest table tennis players of all time. If we missed your favorite player, or you want to highlight a game from one of these star athletes, please contact us and share your thoughts! It’s always a pleasure to meet and get to know other table tennis fans.

It’s hard to pick just two figures from the early days of old school table tennis. We settled on Richard Bergmann and Viktor Barna, seven- and five-time World Champions, respectively. Their contributions to growing the game of table tennis cannot be undersold, from raising the level of competitive play to working to popularize the sport.

These two arguably laid the foundations for the three players many consider the best table tennis competitors off all time:  Waldner, Kong, and Liu. All three of these men are legends, having completed Grand Slams in international competition and captured Olympic gold. Waldner and Kong, in their turn, have dominated all five of the major international competitions, while Kong went on to additional honor in the 1996 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals. These three men are perhaps the best athletes table tennis has ever produced.

We hope you enjoyed these games – and learning about these fantastic players – as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you! Come back next week as we explore the US Open in Las Vegas:  who’ll be there and what to expect at the oldest table tennis competition in the United States.

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