Choosing the Right Table Tennis Grip

Best GripOne of the first elements that any beginning player must master is a proper grip. Strokes, serves, and proper return strategy all follow from having flexible and consistent paddle control.

There is no one, perfect table tennis grip that suits everyone in all circumstances. At first, the choice of which grip to pursue is essentially arbitrary, and new players often default to using the same grip as their coach or fellow players. With time, however, they will develop their own preferred table tennis strategies and can select a grip which compliments their strengths.

This week, we’ll examine three table tennis grips: the shakehand, penhold, and seemiller, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each. By the end of the week, you should have a good idea which of these three grips best compliments your playing style, as well as the tactical strengths and weaknesses of each.

Tomorrow, we’ll start with the most common “Western” table tennis grip: the shakehand. See you then!

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