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How To Be A Table Tennis Official

We really appreciate your interest in becoming a table tennis official. It’s only through the service of dedicated volunteers that our sport continues to grow and thrive.

Volunteering your service as an umpire is the best place to start. Umpires are the officials who rule over specific matches, table-side, so sharp eyes and sound judgment are a must. You’ll need to know what calls to makehow to signal them, and be able to exercise fair discretion in ambiguous situations.

When you feel you’re ready, why not contact a certified referee and offer your services? They will be able to guide you as you work your way to positions of greater responsibility, over time, and can help you make the necessary connections to advance within officialdom.

Thank you again for volunteering. We hope to see you, court-side!

Understanding Red And Yellow Cards

Confused about the red and yellow card system in table tennis? It’s not exactly like those in other sports, so a refresher is probably a good idea before you umpire your first match. 

Newcomers to the sport of table tennis will likely be confused by the sight of yellow and red cards during matches. Although they aren’t technically new to the sport, their meaning can be somewhat difficult to understand, especially for beginners. This creates a troubling scenarios for players trying to abide by the rules and play a “legal” game of table tennis. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading and we’ll breakdown the card system in table tennis and reveal what exactly the red and yellow cards mean.