Butterfly Robots **Prices Include Shipping**

Butterfly Robots  **Prices Include Shipping**
The name Butterfly has been the most respected name in table tennis, and continues to be synonymous with high performance table tennis equipment and accessories. The top notch Butterfly table tennis robot offers variable drill tasking, multi-program memory, ball sizing allowance, and adjustable head height; to assure all levels of players are challenged while training for their next table tennis match.


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Butterfly Amicus Basic Robot

The Butterfly Amicus Basic robot is excellent for high-intensity training of stroke technique and footwork. The robot features: - 6 balls per exercise with different position - Spin, Speed and Trajectory adjustable - Random function - balls with a natural scattering

Our price: $1309.99
Butterfly Amicus Advance Robot

The Butterfly Amicus Advance supplements the advantages of the Butterfly Basic Robot and adds the following features: - For each ball an exercise is individually adjustable: spin + speed + trajectory + placement - Complete ball consequences incl. service - Up to 10 saved exercises - New: AFC function - "Automatic Frequency Control" for automatic adjustment of the time intervals between balls with different speed and spin - "Sample" function - to play balls individually and customize their settings

Our price: $1749.99
Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot

The Amicus Professional has all the features of the Butterfly Basic and Advance models at the highest level and adds: - For each ball an exercise individually adjustable: spin + speed + trajectory + placement - 8 Balls per exercise - 99 exercises saved - Remote control (on/off and speed variation) - IFC (individual Frequency Control) - for individual needs - Cycle function - automatic game breaks

Our price: $2049.99
Butterfly SmartPong Robot
The Butterfly robot is compatable with all standard sized tables.

The SmartPong robot features include: 2 year warranty, produces various amounts and different types of spininfared remote control adjusts angle, frquency, speed, spin, swing and timer, newly designed, quieter & stronger ball motor (additional motor included), and built-in switch for power supply accomodating international voltages.

Included with the SmartPong Unit: Infared remote control, 100 regulation 40mm balls, backback, ball picker, netting (including side nets), user guide and power accessories.
Our price: $2249.99